Social media marketing

Is Social Media the most important tool for businesses worldwide? Yes.

 There are currently 2.89 billion people active on social media across the world. 


Social Media's popularity hasn't just changed the way we communicate on a personal level, it's revolutionised business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. 

Long gone are the day's where customers picked up a phone book to find a plumber, instead, they search on Google or on Facebook. In fact, 79% of adults look for businesses on Facebook alone. 

Unfortunately, Social Media Marketing isn't as simple as creating a page and posting every now and again. 

As the infographic to the left illustrates, you need a Social Media Strategy. You need consistent, well-written and engaging content, complete with eye-catching visuals that are optimised for your demographic. It needs to be optimised for SEO, posted at the correct time and you need to understand who your audience is. 

Now, we don't expect everyone to know this information. Our consultants trained for years to gain the knowledge and we still need to learn on the job as things change daily in the digital world. 

Big companies can employ marketing executives of their own to manage their marketing, something small businesses can't afford. 

Until now. 

What does it include? 

  • Consistent posts to all of your channel with images created solely for your business
  • Monthly reports and meetings for us to show you your progress
  • If required, we can create your pages for you
  • We will reply to comments and messages, alerting you if anything need's your attention, like potential clients or customers
  • Pick your own ad budget and let us manage your ROI

Social Media Marketing Infographic

Social Media Marketing Infographic

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