Premium services. Budget Prices.

First of all, welcome to EG Marketing Services and thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

If you indulge me a little longer, I'll tell you why we became a budget-friendly marketing firm. 

Our Story

Many years ago I worked with my mother to set up a property management company. Once we had set everything up, the big task was finding clients. What better way to find clients than to market ourselves right?

Well, we reached out to marketing firms for advice and quotes for helping us with Google rankings, social media, blog posts etc. 

The quotes returned and it was apparent we simply couldn't afford to pay it. We later found out the going rate was around $150-250 per hour. We were a small start-up company finding our way in the industry, so, unfortunately, marketing was out of the question. 

I didn't think that was right, so once our company was flourishing, I left and pursued a career in marketing. I achieved degrees, qualifications, worked as a Copywriter for billion-dollar investment firms, worked as a Marketing Executive for global property firms, the list goes on. 

Still, I couldn't forget how only companies with enormous budgets could utilise quality marketing strategies. So I started EG Marketing Services with the commitment to help small companies and start-ups achieve success through quality marketing. 

We are, unapologetically, a budget marketing firm, providing premium services. 

We are EG Marketing Services.


OK, that's enough story-telling. Here are our services and unlike so many others - we show you the prices upfront.